Welcome to Chinese Culture Festival

May 20, 2023 at 11:00am~8:30pm

Celebration Square, Mississauga, On

Free Admission

Culture, Charity and Green, organized by CICSA, supported by City of Mississauga, tittle sponsored by Respon Wealth Management Corporation


Come join us at the Chinese Festival in Mississauga, ON, on May 20, 2023, from 11.00am to 8.30pm at Celebration Square! This festival is brought to you by the Canadian Innovative Community Service Alliance (CICSA) and supported by the City of Mississauga, with Respon Wealth Management Corporation as the title sponsor.



The festival’s theme is Culture, Charity and Green, and it aims to promote understanding of Chinese culture and promote the inclusion of multi-cultures. It’s a festival for all communities of Mississauga, Peel District, and beyond!

Event 2022, CICSA @copyright 

Honorable City of Mississauga support, title sponsor Respon Wealth Management Corporation, organizer Canadian Innovative Community Service Alliance

Our Activities/活动

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Culture 文化

Introducing Chinese Culture with performance, demonstration, participation, foods and more 介绍中国文化,包括表演、展示、互动、美食等 and kids activities: free inflatables, face painting, paper-cut art, drawing, games.

Charity 慈善

We partner with Trillium Health Partners Foundation to raise the fund for key initiatives.
there is donation sale at event, or you can donate online below: 我们与Trillium Health Partners Foundation合作为其重点项目筹集资金。 活动现场有捐款销售,您也可以在以下网址在线捐款:

Green 环保

Partner with Ford to showcase the advanced green technology for an experience that's unexpected, more connected, and smarter than ever before; Celebrate Ford's commitment to a sustainable future with a complimentary gift for everyone! 与福特合作展示先进的绿色技术,创造一个比以往更出乎意料、更紧密连接、更智能的体验;为庆祝福特致力于可持续未来,每个人都可获得免费赠品!



There will be performances on the stage throughout the day, including dancing, singing, Peking Opera, and traditional instruments from both Chinese and Asian communities. Visitors can also witness culture demonstrations such as traditional wedding ceremony  and calligraphy, and cosplay traditional costumes. There will be a 5.20 Chinese contemporary Valentine’s Day with a photo booth for pictures to show the love between lovers and spouses. Kids activities include free inflatables, face painting, paper-cut art, drawing, and games.


Delicious Foods/诱人食品


Location: Celebration Square, Mississauga, On

11:00am~8:30Pm, May 20, 2023

Event Schedule / 节目时间表

Vendors Opportunity, please reach us:


Email: [email protected]
Phone: Shirley Li 647-981-5268,
             Weidong Gui 647-381-1899

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